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“Jesus looked at them and said ‘With Man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’” Matthew 19:26

Kisoboka: It is Possible!

Kisoboka Uganda is a Massachusetts non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to sharing the love and compassion of Jesus Christ with the people of Uganda and to giving them hope and a future. (See Jeremiah 29:11) “Kisoboka” is a Luganda (the country’s primary tribal language) word that means, “It is possible.” This phrase motivates and informs all of our efforts on behalf of the Ugandan people, both in that country and in the United States. We are united in the belief that, by God’s grace, progress is indeed possible.

Hope and a future for the people of Uganda

Working in partnership with native Ugandans through Kisoboka Initiative for Progress (our non-profit affiliate in Uganda), our goal is to provide hope and a future by supporting Christian schools, funding scholarships for educational and vocational training programs, making grants to support small business ventures, and conducting community-based projects. Our Ugandan partners are on the ground daily, helping us to identify needs and to implement and oversee our projects. Kisoboka’s directors, often accompanied by supporters, travel to Uganda frequently to meet with our partners and beneficiaries, and to monitor the progress of our many initiatives. We are grateful for, and strive to be as effective and efficient as possible with, the financial and other support we are provided.

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