Trinity Covenant ChurchOur Story


The StoryOur Beginnings

The story of Trinity Covenant Church, Lexington began in Cambridge, MA. In the winter of 1889-90, a group of faithful Swedish immigrants in Cambridge and Somerville gathered together to worship and hear preaching in their native tongue. In 1897, twenty-five members founded The “Swedish Evangelical Mission Church of Cambridge.” The church met in rented space at first. With much sacrifice from its members and an appeal to people from other Cambridge churches, in 1903they built the church at 134 Hampshire Street in Cambridge (now the Massachusetts Avenue Baptist Church). Twenty-one years later after much growth and debate, they decided to build a new church at 16 Beech Street, Cambridge (now Hope Fellowship Christian Church). It was here, in 1930, that the congregation decided to transition from Swedish to English in their services. This change was difficult for the older Swedish-speaking members, but they realized that it was important in order to reach younger generations and to include people from non-Swedish backgrounds. In 1945, the congregation changed its name to “Evangelical Church of Cambridge” and joined the national denomination (currently called the Evangelical Covenant Church), based in Chicago.

Time to moveLexington

In the early 1950s, membership had grown to around 300. Many of the members had moved out of Cambridge to the towns of Arlington, Belmont, and Lexington. Needing more Sunday School space, the church again searched for land to build on. In 1958, they purchased 41 acres off Allen Rd in Lexington; they started building in 1964. On May 1, 1966, the first services were held in Lexington in the new church, which was also given a new name – Trinity Covenant Church.

When you ask people in Lexington about Trinity Covenant Church, many of them have no idea that it exists, or where it is. How did this treasure come to be so hidden? With a map and some history, the story becomes clear. In the early 1960s, a plan to connect Route 3 (from New Hampshire) with Route 2 called for building Worthen Road, from Bedford Street to Pleasant Street. Trinity Covenant Church would have stood along that main road. Worthen Road and Worthen Road East remain as vestiges of that plan, but the connection between them was never built. Instead, over time, the town acquired by eminent domain several parcels of wetlands from the church for the purposes of town sewer construction and conservation. This is the land that is now Dunbeck Meadow. Other land in the neighborhood was sold for the construction of housing.

Serving ChristToday

In the Lexington community, members of our church take part in the Interfaith Garden, Thanksgiving services, and our annual public Christmas Concert. For over 25 years, the church has hosted Community Partners, a monthly social gathering and meal for local mentally and emotionally challenged adults. We have also hosted 3 preschool programs. The LEAP school got its start in our church, followed by Trinity Covenant Preschool, and now the Amazing Grace Kids preschool. Globally, we work closely with an orphanage and school in Reynosa, Mexico, with a church and school in DR Congo, and with Kisoboka – supporting Kisoboka Academy, Shalom Restoration and several business.

As part of the richly diverse faith community in Lexington, many people are glad to discover that Trinity Covenant Church occupies an open place “in the middle” of Christian faith and practice. A Covenant Church can best be characterized as:

Evangelical, but not exclusive
Biblical, but not doctrinaire
Traditional, but not rigid

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